Friday, 15 June 2012

Get told and learn Quiz - have you been paying attention?

Mary McCarthy Quiz

FRANCE. Personalities. - 6th arrondissement. Rue de Rennes. 
US writer Mary McCARTHY at home. - Armchair, Curtain, Hand, McCARTHY Mary, Paris (75006), Portrait, Residence (Personality), Seated, White people, Window
Bonus Q - Spot the smoke -Mary's cigarette has been airbrushed from this picture - where should it be?

Question 1Under the guardianship of the Prestons, McCarthy studied at the Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Seattle, and went on to graduate from ________ in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 1933.
Moravian CollegeVassar CollegeSkidmore CollegeConnecticut College

Question 2Born in ________, to Roy Winfield McCarthy and his wife, the former Therese Preston, McCarthy was orphaned at the age of six when both her parents died in the great flu epidemic of 1918.
Bellevue, WashingtonRenton, WashingtonRedmond, WashingtonSeattle

Question 3A Bolt from the Blue and Other Essays (2002), ________, (compilation of essays and critiques), ISBN 1-59017-010-5
Guy de MaupassantNew York Review BooksAlberto MoraviaHenry James

Question 4Interviewed after her first trip, she declared on British television that there was not a single documented case of the ________ deliberately killing a South Vietnamese woman or child.
Tet OffensiveHo Chi MinhVietnam WarViet Cong

Question 5McCarthy died of lung cancer on October 25, 1989 at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in ________.
BrooklynManhattanNew York metropolitan areaNew York City
Question 6She maintained her commitment to liberal critiques of culture and power to the end of her life, opposing the ________ in the 1960s and covering the Watergate scandal hearings in the 1970s.
Vietnam WarKorean WarCold WarCentral Intelligence Agency
Question 7She visited ________ a number of times during the Vietnam War.
Papua New GuineaVietnamEast TimorPhilippines
Question 8Her best-known spouse was the writer and critic ________, whom she married in 1938 after leaving her lover Philip Rahv, and by whom she had a son, Reuel Wilson.
Edmund WilsonCommunismSymbolism (arts)Axel's Castle
Question 9Mary Therese McCarthy (June 21, 1912 – October 25, 1989) was an American ________critic, and political activist.
Copy (written)EditingAuthorProofreading

Question 10Perhaps most prized of all was her close friendship with ________, with whom she maintained a sizable correspondence widely regarded for its intellectual rigor.
Martin HeideggerGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelJürgen HabermasHannah Arendt
How did you score? 
8-10 = Unreconstructed McCarthyite
5-7= Promising potential, as yet not fully fulfilled
2-4= Pay more attention
1= literary editor of American periodical
0= BBC 'arty' media producer