Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dear Hannah, a Happy New Year to you

141 Rue de Rennes
Paris 6
December 28 1963

Dearest Hannah

...De Gaulle's victory did not cheer my Christmas. As you probably know, he's increasing the censorship on news, which already was stringent enough. Milosz's son was arrested during a student demonstration, actually he was simply passing by and stopped to see what was happening. For some reason, they released him, but all the other foreign students who were arrested were deported the next day*. I didn't see a word of this in the Monde, which did cover the demonstration. On television there was no mention of the demonstration - the principal event of the day.

Dear Hannah, a Happy New Year to you. I wish time would roll back and that we were going to your New Year's Eve party and Tillich and Bertha would get drunk.

My deepest love to you, and Jim sends his warmest affection to you both,


* This event was incorporated into McCarthy's next novel, Birds of America.