Monday, 7 October 2013

" What a risky business to tell the truth on a factual level without theoretical or scholarly embroidery."

New York
September 16, 1963

Dearest Mary

....Why did I not write earlier? Well, the truth of the matter is that I did not "feel fine". Heinrich has not been well, he is much better now, working as usual etc,  but I am deeply worried and quite unhappy that I have to go to  Chicago. (But please, let that remain entre nous.) We have been together for 28 years and life without him would be unthinkable. Add to this the Eichmann trouble which i try to keep from him as much as I possibly can - and you will understand why I am in no mood for writing. You probably know that PR have turned against me in a rather vicious manner(Lionel Abel who anyhow goes around town spreading slander about myself as well as Heinrich) and generally, one can say that the mob - intellectual or otherwise - has been successfully mobilised. I just heard that the Anti-Defamation League has sent out a circular letter to all rabbis to preach against me on New Year's Day. well, I suppose this would not disturb me unduly if everything else were all right, But, worried as I am, I can no longer trust myself to keep my head and not to explode. What a risky business to tell the truth on a factual level without theoretical or scholarly embroidery. This side of it, I admit, I do enjoy; it taught me a few lessons about truth and politics...

Much love, yours


Lionel Abel (standing) with the PR gang

Bocca Di Magra

September 24, 1963

Dearest Hannah

...I want to help you in some way and not simply by being an ear. What can be done about this Eichmann business, which is assuming the proportions of a pogrom. Whether you answer or not...I am going to write something to the boys for publication
...the issues raised by your book ought to be discussed...about the role played by the Jewish Councils... Of course the idea of sustaining a discussion in the atmosphere created by Lionel and the thousands of preaching rabbis is somewhat far fetched perhaps. But perhaps such a discussion...(is) the only answer to the mobilization of the mob...

...My deepest love to you and tight embraces,