Friday, 25 January 2013

MM's titles in Pictures - a feast for the eyes to get us up to 50.000 hits

As we approach a staggering 50,000 pageviews, the popularity of MM's fiction titles is celebrated here in a pictorial extravaganza of the kitsch and not so kitsch - which is your favourite juxtapositional visual and can you see the more punningly obscure links - eg The Stones of Florence ?


In a still from RKO's forgettable noirish prison flick The Company She Keeps, Mary (Lizabeth Scott) is about to drive Lillian (Jane Greer) round the bend - spookily prescient or what; and who'll end up in clink (jail to non UK readers)?

MARY: Light me a cigarette, Lil.

LILLIAN: I aint got none, Madge.

MARY: What's you got in your hand, you big liar?

LILIAN: Last one, honey child.

MARY: You and your stories!

The Company She Keeps may not have been one of 1951's more memorable releases, but it did mark the film debut of one-year-old Jeff Bridges, who appears with his nine-year-old brother, Beau, and their mother Dorothy in the train station sequence. 

 cast a cold eye by Ronan Crowley


Tricky one this, pop pickers