Monday, 2 July 2012

Sarabande Books' McCarthy prizewinner speaks out - from their blog


Mary McCarthy’s Centenary: An Author’s Gratitude

June 29th, 2012
In honor of Mary McCarthy, the lady and her work, we’ve asked one of our McCarthy Prizewinners to say a few words. Take it away, Mr. Mullins.

“Winning Sarabande’s Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction was the break I needed at a critical time in my career as a writer.  I’d worked on Greetings from Below for eight years, and I was in my thirties, and I felt that if I didn’t publish the collection, after toiling for so long, I might give up on the whole endeavor of writing fiction.  Then Sarabande called with the good news, and everything changed.  I soon got a job teaching creative writing.  And I had the confidence to begin a new book, a novel.  The fact that the prize carries the name Mary McCarthy means a lot.  The Company She Keeps was a significant inspiration for Greetings from Below—each of which is a novel in stories.  I’ve always been a fan of McCarthy’s work, and it’s been a tremendous honor to hold a prize named for such an inimitable writer.”
—David Phillip Mullins, author of Greetings from Below
Winner of the 2009 Mary McCarthy Prize in Fiction
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