Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fiction Sex Shame V Non-fiction Sex Shame

From McCarthy's autobiography How I Grew

He did not invite me to pose nude, but naturally we "went to the limit" when he set down his brushes. Some of the things he did in bed made me cringe with shame to think of afterwards. It was those sexual practices of his  now common, cf. John Updike  that taught to deal with shame and guilt. When you have committed an action that you cannot bear to think about, that causes you to writhe in retrospect, do not seek to evade the memory: make yourself relive it, confront it repeatedly over and over till finally, you will discover through sheer repetition it loses its power to pain you.

From The Company She Keeps

Waves of shame began to run through her, like savage internal blushes, as fragments of the night before presented themselves for inspection...There were (oh, holy Virgin!) four-letter words that she had been forced to repeat, and, at the climax, a rain of blows on her buttocks that must surely (dear God!) have left bruises...If only nobody could know-